A story with digital roots

Apuliasoft is the story of a team of software developers with roots rooted in the world of digital innovation and with the passion of making software technology work to make people's daily lives easier.

A company where people come first

Apuliasoft was born in 2015 from an idea of Giuseppe Santoro, Nicola Sanitate and Francesco Pavone, three fellow students of the Computer Science Department of the University of Bari. As new graduates, they decided to stay in their territory to create something they had not succeeded in to find: a company where people come first.



Apuliasoft is founded on the values of empathy, respect, availability, altruism, collaboration and responsibility. Values built in one of the many team building works and outlined in our Apuliasoft Handbook: a guiding tool to keep the working environment healthy, stimulating and efficient.


Active listening, the result of free and sincere conversations, creates deep bonds and connections.



The culture of respect starts with ourselves and extends to the other. Every opinion, contribution and behavior has a value in its own way, just as the one who offers it has a value.



The most constructive projects arise from a team capable of collaborating and confronting each other by sharing thoughts, ideas, feelings.



Training the sense of responsibility increases well-being and generates collective value.

The origins of the name

Puglia is internationally recognized as an important Italian technological pole. Apuliasoft has always believed in its territory as a place to generate innovation and change. The name of the company itself was born from the union of two terms to intersect the love for Puglia and the passion for digital.
Apuliasoft is the opportunity to stay in Puglia without giving up business models based on horizontal organizations, on people's happiness, on agile production processes.

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The pictogram

The pictogram is a stylized representation of the Pythagorean tree, a fractal that is a geometric object that repeats itself endlessly in an iterative and recurring manner, always maintaining its original shape. However, it also recalls an olive tree or a vine plant, key symbols of Apulian agriculture and, by rotating it by 180 °, the roots that, in our imagination, sink into the digital world, hence the pay-off "Digital Roots".

Be the architect of change in your ecosystem

At Apuliasoft we firmly believe that work responds to the mission of improving the life of ourselves and others. This is why we are committed to making a difference every day by developing software that solves real-life problems and helps our customers achieve their business goals. We are not just a company, but an organization of people motivated by the ambition to contribute to positive change in our ecosystem. This requires a fluid and horizontal organization based on the cooperation and happiness of one's team.

Agile methodology

In Apuliasoft we adopt the Agile Methodology in particular the Scrum framework. It is an iterative approach to software development that allows us to maximize value for our customers in the shortest time possible. Instead of having one big development phase, the work is delivered in small, incremental and usable chunks. Requirements, plans and results are continuously evaluated so that the team can respond quickly to changes.


With the adoption of agile development, our teams organize themselves by collaborating directly with stakeholders through periodic meetings during the entire software development life cycle.