Digital Transformation built around motivated people

We firmly believe that work responds to the mission of improving the lives of others. This is why we are not just a company, but an organization of people motivated by the ambition to contribute to a positive change in our ecosystem. This requires cooperation, happiness, determination and expertise.

Our Team - Giuseppe Santoro.jpeg
Giuseppe Santoro

Founder and CEO

Our Team - Francesco Pavone.jpg
Francesco Pavone

Founder and CTO

Our Team - Nicola Sanitate.jpg
Nicola Sanitate

Founder and COO

Our Team - Nunzio Gianfelice.jpg
Nunzio Gianfelice

Chief HR & Happiness Officer

Our Team - Pietro Lombardi.jpg
Pietro Lombardi

Business Development  Manager

Our Team - Valerio Como.jpg
Valerio Como

Senior Lead Developer

Our Team - Francesco Dammacco.jpg
Francesco Dammacco

Professional Lead Developer

Our Team - Federica Coluccia.jpg
Federica Coluccia

Senior Developer

Our Team - Andrea Giove.jpg
Andrea Giove

Senior Developer

Our Team - Ewelina Gola.jpg
Ewelina Gola

Office Manager

Mirko Loi.jpg
Mirko Loi

Professional Developer

Federica Lisco.JPG
Federica Lisco

Associate Developer

Angelo Fasano.JPG
Angelo Fasano

Associate Developer

Our Team - Pierluigi Bemportato.jpg
Pierluigi Bemportato

Associate Developer

Clara Lorusso.JPG
Clara Lorusso

Associate Developer

Our Team - Matteo Gianfelice.jpg
Matteo Gianfelice

Associate Developer

Our Team - Nazar Chekalin.jpg
Nazar Chekalin

Associate Developer

Andrea Gernone.jpg
Andrea Gernone

Professional Developer

Domenico Mancini.jpg
Domenico Mancini

Associate Developer

Antonio Fiore.jpg
Antonio Fiore

Associate Developer

Gianluca Grandieri.JPG
Gianluca Grandieri

Professional Developer

Salvatore Trisciuoglio.JPG
Salvatore Trisciuoglio

Associate Developer

Claudio Cagiano.jpg
Claudio Cagiano

Web Content &

Social Media Manager

Emanuele Citarella.jpg
Emanuele Citarella

Associate Developer

Ruggiero Dilillo.jpg
Ruggiero Dilillo

Associate Developer