The research and development ventures involve various technological fields and market domains. Our main target is to develop innovative solutions as well as to acquire new skills and knowledge. 

We collaborate in Open Source projects in order to improve the tools we ourselves use in our development process. We partner with Universities and Research Centers because we firmly believe that an organization is its ecosystem.


Study, design, implementation and testing of a solution to support an eco-sustainable logistics model for the distribution of fresh food purchased online through an e-commerce application that belongs to a network of proximity food store.

Regione Puglia

Bando Innonetwork


An Angular Kit for the development of public administration web apps, a set of open-source components for Angular 6, compliant with the Design Guidelines for digital services of the Public Administration, built on the of the UI Kit and the Bootstrap Italia library.

Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri

Digital Transformation Team



OpenReq Live is the primary tool being produced by OpenReq, the culmination of the microservices produced by the entire project, custom built for the end-user experience.


With the aim to help large software project stakeholders organizing requirements, we have developed an integration into the GitHub platform in which the issue tracker will be enhanced to automatically assign labels when creating new issues or editing existing ones.


Issue Classifier