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Great Place To Work is the certification that positions Apuliasoft among the best Italian and international companies that stand out for their values, corporate culture and attention to employee well-being.

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At Apuliasoft we promote an atmosphere based on values ​​of respect, trust and collaboration, ensuring the physical and mental well-being of Apuliasofters through flexible work policies to promote a healthy balance between professional and personal life.

The constant commitment of all Apuliasofters in promoting an inclusive and positive working environment has made it possible to achieve this goal.

We are proud to be part of an international network of companies certified by the Great Place to Work Institute and we are committed to maintaining the standards of excellence that have allowed us to obtain this recognition.

Best Place To Work

Apuliasoft has also obtained the Best Place To Work certification which ranks it among the 60 best companies to work for in Italy according to the opinion of the Apuliasofters themselves.

The recognition confirms our commitment to cultivating an excellent work environment from the point of view of employee experience and organizational culture.

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Best Workplaces for GenZ

Apuliasoft è al 1° posto nella classifica "Best Workplaces for GenZ" che premia le 20 migliori aziende italiane che hanno saputo creare un ambiente di lavoro ideale per i giovani, valorizzando le persone e il loro potenziale.

Questo riconoscimento è una testimonianza del nostro costante impegno nel creare un ambiente in cui i giovani talenti possano prosperare e crescere.

The Apuliasofters say about us

Here people celebrate special events

Managers trust the work of employees

Risorsa 3.png

Those in charge do not show favoritism

People here are treated impartially

You can count on people's collaboration

Managers look for suggestions and ideas with real interest

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The voice of Apuliasofter

“In my experience at Apuliasoft I have always found people who, both in person and remotely, gave me maximum support and tried to bring out the best in themselves and in others, creating an extremely positive and pleasant climate to live in.”

Domenico Mancini

“There is always a great desire to share knowledge, to compare and discuss together.”

Federica Coluccia

Federica Coluccia.jpg
“The company stands out for creating a unique and special work environment, which translates into an excellent community of people. What distinguishes this company is the creation of a professional family in which common values ​​are shared. This cohesion between team members is something truly unique and inspiring.”
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