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A team of over 30 professionals provides their skills for the technological challenges that the software-based organizations we work with daily face.


Innovative, stable and scalable software are the key to achieve business goals in an ever-changing market.


Finance & Banking

Banks deal with a digital transformation process by identifying technology as one of their long-term strategic goals. The market priorities are data governance, architectural platforms design, infrastructures modernisation and architectures to make information systems more agile.


We support companies in the management and analysis of Big Data, in the modernisation of core applications and in the renewal of the internet banking user experience in order to improve and complete the range of services thanks to the evolution of software technologies.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Logistics is characterized by a complex organization, whose primary need is to streamline operations in order to make the workflow more efficient. Automation techniques and new technologies such as Data Analytics solutions meet this need by promoting better use of resources.

We help the Logistics & Supply Chain sector with innovative digital solutions aimed at optimizing transports, warehouse management and the entire production chain supply to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes.


Health Care

Health care industry is facing a radical change with the main objective of increasing the value of the services offered at reduced costs and with greater assistance velocity. Digital areas such as telemedicine and remote monitoring of patients, clinical decision systems and projects for the integration and implementation of applications such as the Electronic Medical Record assume a strategic relevance.

We support Health Care players in reorganizing and digitilizing processes, in optimizing resources and in speeding up clinical decisions by exploiting the opportunities offered by the latest digital technologies.


Digital transformation is having a strong impact on the industry, providing a solution to the needs of cost reduction and lean management. The adoption of IoT technologies, Cloud services and remote maintenance solutions have favoured the change of pace, allowing companies to focus on the product and on the end customer optimizing direct business decisions.

We support Manufacturing companies in the optimization and digitalization of processes with the aim of improving working conditions and increasing the productivity and quality of production facilities.


Energy & utilities

Tech innovation is an essential enabler of energy transition and industry competitiveness. Web, Mobile, IoT projects, Machine Learning and Big Data algorithms pave the way to new market strategies related to innovative services such as Smart Building and Smart Mobility and allow for the improvement of electricity transmission and distribution.


We help companies in the continuous search for new efficiencies for business continuity by taking care of digital transformation projects from infrastructure and application modernization to data collection and analysis.


Digital technologies play an increasingly important role within the industry, both to optimize back-end activities and to offer new services to consumers. The increase in the share of online purchases has encouraged the development of new business models based on an omnichannel approach and has favoured greater attention on supply chain optimization and planning activities demand. The physical and digital channels are increasingly integrated, adapting to the new concepts of customer journey and shop.

We help companies in the Retail industry in the creation of advanced software solutions that optimize process management and improve the integration between physical and digital channels.

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