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The femtech sector aims to leverage technology to support gender-specific medicine. Artificial intelligence and IoT serve as the driving forces behind advancements in personalized healthcare. This field encompasses various areas of study, ranging from prevention and diagnostics to healthcare system organization, placing a greater emphasis on patient-centric care, and the development of personalized medicine, including digital healthcare services.


Sestre specializes in nutraceutical treatments aimed at promoting female well-being, with a specific focus on menstrual health and fertility. The company empowers women to gain a deeper understanding of their long-term health status by directly tracking and managing their symptoms.

Sestre Femtech Solution.png


The reduction in treatment path abandonment rates, improved diagnostic optimization by healthcare professionals, and decreased costs for women were the initial insights.

Initially, Sestre concentrated on gathering data from various platforms. However, with the growth of its business, there emerged a dispersion and fragmentation of data, which hindered the availability of information throughout the entire user interaction process.

As a result, it became necessary to implement an advanced technological infrastructure to properly collect, manage, and utilize data. This infrastructure was essential for enhancing retention rates and providing a personalized and timely user experience.


Sestre Femtech Solution 2.png

After an initial discovery phase, we proceeded with the design of the UX and UI, followed by architectural design, and then embarked on the development of a centralized and standardized system for data collection, analysis, and filtering.

The developed solution comprises:

  • A Backend As a Service, which centralizes data collection and exposes it through REST APIs.

  • An Admin Dashboard, enabling administrator users to access aggregated data from desktop devices.

  • A User Dashboard, serving as a personal diary for end-users, designed for mobile devices.


This integrated funnel generation platform facilitates the implementation of data-driven business intelligence models, enhancing the user experience and providing improved consultancy services for users.


  • Enhanced scalability of the solution

  • Centralization of data into a unified database

  • Optimization of strategies

  • Reduction in data acquisition costs

  • Improved retention rates

  • Increased user engagement


  • Front-end: React

  • Back-end: Appwrite

  • UX: Figma

  • Database: MariaDB

  • Headless framework: Refine

  • Containerization: Docker Compose

  • Production environment: AWS EC2

  • Hosting: AWS Amplify

Project details

Team: Project Manager, Team Leader, UX/UI Designer, Full Stack Developer x2
Methodology: Scrum
Duration: 7 months

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