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Retail as an industry has gone through a phenomenal digital transformation in the past decade. Organizations are now able to engage new business opportunities by overhauling their tech architecture and operating model keeping the pace with the changing landscape.

The industry has been reshaped by a number of factors, including the rise of e-commerce and omnichannel, changing customer behavior and hyper personalization, and growing supply chain complexity, all of which have been accelerated by the pandemic.

Our customer delivers software and services for the Retail, Food & Consumer Goods and Fashion industries. 

Their solutions embrace all business processes of production, sales and distribution such as products traceability and asset tracking, IoT platforms, warehouse and supply chain management, store applications and data collection solutions.


As a tech partner of European industry major brands, our customer handles green field projects development as well as running solutions enhancement and customization.

Its main challenge is to always provide their customers with cutting-edge solutions delivering the desired value with the greatest quality and timing on several simultaneous projects streams.

Their main focus is on a back office application which allows Mass Market Retailers to manage products life cycle in stores and warehouses simplifying core activities such as goods handling, inventories, returns management and purchasing.

Other targets are on the improvement of a B2B CRM to manage the entire sales life cycle from prospecting to ordering and the customization of a logistics and stores solution for the Fashion industry based on RFID technology.


Thanks to an initial discovery phase, we provided our customer with a tailored front-end development team consisting of a Team Leader and two software developers.

The team works simultaneously on three parallel project streams with an iterative process on an epic iteration base and a Kanban style approach with frequent releases in a CI/CD regime. 

Our Team Leader helps each project Product Owner defining priorities and building the product backlog upon project granularity.

The process is based on Mock-up and Requirements provided by the customer team. He then takes care of user stories refinement, team management and code review

Recurring interaction with the customers are established such as daily stand-ups, iteration planning, epic demos and retrospectives in order to guarantee quality, flexibility and governance. Production deployment is carried out by the customer.

The team joines forces with the customer development team and UX design team planning the roadmap and recommending solution improvements


  • great flexibility to define priorities

  • extensive flexibility to handle unexpected changes

  • more scalability to manage simultaneous project streams and workload peaks

  • wide power to parallelize tasks development over different projects

  • full ownership of all developments

  • power to concentrate on higher-level issues

  • faster project start-up and release

  • partner advising tech solutions


  • Client: Angular 12

  • Custom library based on TaigaUI

  • Custom library for API integration built onto OpenAPI

  • API mock-up tool

Project details

Team: Team Leader, Front-end Developers x2
Methodology: Kanban
Duration: 6 months - ongoing

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