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Participation in the tender "Activation of a Family Friendly Innovation Plan in SMEs" has allowed us to implement measures to promote "corporate welfare" and new forms of work organization with financial support from the European Union.


The main objective that we set ourselves with the implementation of the program was to improve the work-life balance by promoting an organization based on objectives and self-responsibility. We strongly believe that the working environment and the interactions that are created in it must allow each of us to reconcile professional growth with personal commitments and the care of family and children without being forced to choose between family and work.


Thanks to the support of coaches Lucia Berdini and Lucia Baldelli we have organized team building days and training workshops to discuss and standardize in a shared way measures of working flexibility and smart working and create the conditions in which everyone can better manage their personal commitments in agreement with the business and work objectives of the team.


Team building activities aimed at improving cohesion within the team to facilitate understanding of the personal and work needs of their colleagues and facilitate the self-organization of activities and schedules.

The training course addressed the following issues:

  • goal-oriented work: how to achieve better performance by defining achievable goals,

  • the new business organization: business processes after the adoption of these hourly flexibility measures,

  • self-responsibility: the responsibility of the individual with respect to the work group,

  • smart working coaching: how to take advantage of different spaces and times, to increase your personal well-being and improve company performance.


The program has allowed us to strengthen the Agile culture in Apuliasoft by transforming processes and best practices implemented in recent years into real assets of value for the company and for each of us.

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Intervention co-financed by the Puglia Region with resources from the European Social Fund 2014-2020
Axis VIII - Promote the sustainability and quality of employment and support for professional mobility
Action 8.6 Interventions for conciliation
Sub-Action 8.6b "Measures to promote << corporate welfare >> and new forms of family-friendly work organization

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