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The relationship between pharmaceutical companies and customers has been undergoing a gradual yet constant transformation for several years. This shift is particularly pronounced in the Health & Pharma sector, where consumer behavior is evolving, and new channels and digital technologies are presenting numerous business opportunities. As a result, pharmacies are increasingly adopting a service-oriented model that leverages an Omnichannel approach and tools like e-commerce to optimize customer relationships.


Our client serves as the intermediary connecting the pharmaceutical industry with pharmacies. As a leader in Italian pharmaceutical distribution, they offer comprehensive services ranging from logistics and customer care to marketing and software solutions.


For a prominent pharmacy network, our client provides a suite of individual software systems offering various digital services to end customers. These services encompass loyalty card management, promotion management, locating nearby pharmacies, personal account management, and access to news and industry publications.

The challenge was to develop a solution that seamlessly integrated all existing software systems into a new e-commerce platform. This platform would enable end customers to access all digital services from a single unified platform while also offering the capability to search, order, pick up, and have pharmaceutical products delivered from the entire network.


The platform comprises a hybrid mobile application developed in Ionic and a web application developed in Angular, both interfacing with a server that exposes a REST API.

We were responsible for designing and implementing the architecture, creating the application, and deploying the solution within the Microsoft Azure cloud environment.

In addition to encompassing all the typical e-commerce features, this solution includes various integrations with external systems such as online payment, logistics, warehouse management, and a drug database. It also provides a multi-tenant administration section dedicated to the network's pharmacies for order and supply management from the distributor, accompanied by an advanced analytical dashboard.


  • Enhanced interaction between customers and pharmacies

  • Centralization of services into a single platform

  • Increased opportunities for customer loyalty

  • Expanded buying opportunities

  • Reduction in operating and inventory costs

  • Optimized data collection on customer behavior

  • Extended access to the pharmacy market across the entire network


  • Server: PHP / Laravel

  • DB: Microsoft SQL server

  • Client: Ionic + Angular

  • Cloud: Microsoft Azure

  • Containerization: Docker 

  • Notification: Firebase

Project details

Team: Project Manager, Software Architect, Back-End Developer, Front-End Developer
Metodologia: Kanban
Duration: 9 months

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