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Technological innovation is contributing to a profound reorganization of health care by supporting the movement of care from hospitals to the local area. New digital services such as telemedicine and remote monitoring of patients, clinical decision systems, integration projects and implementation of applications such as the Electronic Medical Record allow to increase the value of the services offered at reduced costs and with greater assistance speed.

The customer operates in the world of the healthcare industry by offering consulting, design and technological solutions for hospitals and clinics such as electro-medical devices and telemedicine systems.


Facilitate the access and interpretation of the huge amount of data available by the healthcare sector such as laboratory data, electronic medical records, wearable biometric devices, clinical and anamnestic data with the aim of optimizing and enriching the services provided to patients is the main challenge that the customer must respond to.

Specifically, the development of a solution for the public and private hospital system was required which, by acquiring data from various IOT devices and integrating with mobile devices provided to patients, allowed doctors to offer a telemonitoring and teleconsultation service through a web-based remote control system.


A multi-tenant application has been developed to work both in the cloud and on premises composed of a single page application in Angular, an API server in NestJS and a worker that acquires data from external sources to write them to the application DB. We took also care of the design of the application architecture, also integrating the video call and messaging service for remote assistance through OpenTok.

We have conducted the design of each use case on the application scenario by creating the various monitoring sections of the patient's clinical parameters and its trends, the management of alerts on anomaly thresholds, the patient card, the medical record, an aggregation dashboard data by patient and by groups (clinics / areas), with different custom configuration, search and filtering systems.

Particular attention was paid to the automatic encryption system of sensitive patient data to make them compliant with the GDPR.


  • increase in the quality of services provided and the quality of life of patients

  • optimization in remote diagnosis, monitoring and management of patients

  • reduction in the number of entrances to clinics with consequent reduction of workload, space and equipment

  • reduction of physical contacts between doctors and patients and consequent reduction of the risk of infection

  • improvement of the organizational efficiency of health facilities

  • guarantee of security in data management and adherence to the processing of personal data


  • Client: Angular

  • Server/REST API NestJS (NodeJS + Typescript)

  • Containerization: Docker

  • Deploy: Heroku via Bitbucket Pipeline

  • DB: MongoDB enterprise

  • Encryption: CSFLE

Project details

Team: Scrum Master, Software Architect, Full Stack Developer x2
Methodology: Scrum
Duration: 6 months

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