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MarTech industry thrives keeping the pace with customer behaviour evolution. The growth of digital and the changing behaviours and expectations of consumers now make marketing technology vital to the modern marketer. 

Providing the best possible customer experience requires the intelligent handling and use of customer data, and the ability to provide content whatever the channel or device automating workflows.

The Digital Box develops AI technologies to create digital platforms to boost business in several industries. 

One of their top products is ADA, an AI Conversational Marketing Platform which helps marketers manage all campaigns phases like content creation, multi-channel distribution, processes automation and results measurement.


The MarTech stack is evolving each day providing more and more alternatives to CMOs and marketers. For any MarTech company to stay relevant and value-driven, it needs to constantly evolve and innovate its service and products portfolio.

Within its product innovation program, The Digital Box is required to completely rewrite the marketing automation module providing a complex usability optimization, a relevant features enrichment and an extensive performance improvement.

he challenge our customer faced was to deliver quality on-time with the ambitious roadmap planned on different simultaneous project streams. This preserving the high flexibility concerned with the innovative tech context and the evolving market expectations, and limiting development costs and risks.


Thanks to an initial discovery phase, we developed a roadmap which outlined priorities and timing required and then defined a tailored dedicated team consisting of a business analyst, a senior developer and a junior developer.

The team worked autonomously with an iterative process on a two-weeks sprints base with frequent releases in a CI/CD regime. Recurring interaction with the customers were established such as sprint planning, retrospective and reviews in order to guarantee quality, flexibility and governance. Testing and validation was carried out by the customer.

We designed the micro-services software architecture and gave support in the UI design. In order to ensure service continuity, once created the new environment we first migrated all existent components and then developed the new architecture and all required features. 

We rebuilt the editor panel in order to manage a much more complex flows structure and provided a workflow engine to guarantee stability and reliability and optimize overall performances. 

During the entire collaboration, the team partnered with the customer understanding needs and constraints, recommending tech solutions and running feasibility studies. 


  • great flexibility to handle requirements and priorities unexpected changes

  • more scalability to manage simultaneous project streams and workload peaks

  • power to concentrate on higher-level issues without losing control

  • faster project start-up and release


  • Client: React (React Flow Library for diagramas design)

  • Server: .NET Core (Conductor Library for workflow engine dev)

  • Architecture: Docker + Docker Compose

  • Message Broker: Rabbit MQ for msg flows orchestration

Project details

Team: Business Analyst, Senior Full Stack Developer, Junior Full Stack Developer
Methodology: Scrum
Duration: 9 months

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