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The project develops in the logistics and supply chain context where technological innovation is providing companies with the opportunity to structure a digital transformation process aimed at improving their business processes. From transport and warehouse management to the management of the entire production chain, digital solutions are now an essential element to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of processes.

The customer is one of the largest and most experienced companies in the world when it comes to supply chain management. It offers innovative solutions and products for the handling and transport of goods in order to make the supply chain more efficient and sustainable.


How to maximize product availability, minimize handling operations and reduce unnecessary mileage are the main challenges the customer faces.

For this purpose it needed a system to optimize the space occupied by the goods, both for the loading and transport units and for the vertical displays.

Specifically, the need expressed was to have a software solution that would support operators in planning and positioning products on pallets and displays in order to minimize waste of space and optimize goods handling.


A progressive web app has been created that could simulate products distribution within a three-dimensional space in order to calculate and display the most efficient arrangement.

The application receives as input data the type and dimensions of the loading unit, the dimensions of the products and any additional data in the case of vertical optimization of the exhibitors, returning a list of positioning possibilities with comparison indicators such as an index of use, number of products and weight. The proposed solutions are displayed in multiple ways.


The software is based on an optimization algorithm developed for this purpose.


  • Optimization of the processing times of the loading lists

  • Reduction of handling time and cost

  • Reduction of transport time and cost

  • Standardization of loading procedures

  • Optimization of information exchange

  • Optimization of the readability of the loading documentation


The following technologies were used:

  • Ionic Framework 2

  • Typescript

  • Fabric.js

  • Microsoft Azure Single Sign-On

  • MariaDB

Project details

Team: Project Manager, Business Analyst, Front-end Developer, Back-end Developer 
Methodology: Scrum
Duration: 4 months

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