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Big Data and emerging digital technologies are reshaping the insurance landscape, particularly within the field of claims processing. The utilization of vast datasets through progressively sophisticated analytical models empowers insurance companies to gain deeper insights into customer behavior, more precise quantification of actuarial risks, and the provision of cost-effective, personalized services and products.

Our client offers technological solutions designed to facilitate the transformation of business models for banks, insurance companies, and financial consultants. As a recognized leader in the industry, they address key business challenges by leveraging advanced analytical and data science techniques, along with providing strategic advisory services.


For insurance companies to maintain profitability, it's crucial for them to continuously monitor claims across their various policies.

Innovation has further enabled the adoption of technologies capable of optimizing cost structures, such as image analysis algorithms that can accurately assess car damages following an accident.

Our client required a claims analysis dashboard designed to empower companies to conduct advanced analyses, uncover trends, and identify opportunities by seamlessly integrating data from appraisals with information generated by the Machine Learning system.


We developed a comprehensive full-stack solution, featuring a front-end composed of a single-page application in Angular. This front end enables multidimensional and interactive data visualization, facilitating advanced segmentation across various parameters and techniques.

The dashboards were meticulously crafted using custom components. They include a dynamic filtering system that incorporates the display of value distributions on a bar chart. Additionally, a system for comparing Machine Learning estimates with appraisal data was implemented, allowing for the visualization of time trends related to key performance indicators (KPIs).

Of particular note, we placed a strong emphasis on representing car damages using heatmaps overlaid on car images.


Improved efficiency in data interpretation

  • enhanced data interaction

  • improved customization of views


Faster recognition of new trends and anomalies

Identification of profit opportunities and cost reduction

  • adjustment of policy premiums

  • definition of new policies

  • reduction of losses attributed to complaints


  • Client: Angular

  • Server: Java 6, Maven, JBoss

  • DB: MongoDB

  • Data Visualization: Chart.js, D3.js


  • ORM: Hibernate

Project details

Team: Project Manager, Software Architect, Full Stack Developer x2
Methodology: Scrum
Duration: 3 months

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