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The construction market is facing a deep technological transformation thanks to the various opportunities that digital offers for improving the efficiency of the work of companies and professionals. New development methodologies such as BIM and the use of Cloud infrastructures allow to respond to the typical complexity of the construction industry that requires ever greater integration and real time data exchange.


The client deals with software development for construction, architecture and engineering. As a national reference point for the construction industry, it's specialized in providing solutions aimed at increasing productivity, managing complexity and optimizing project costs.


How to facilitate collaborative processes between the different actors of the building process is one of the main challenges that the client daily faces. The work environment must be stable and scalable and has to allow all the collaboration logics at the foundation of a complex system agile management.

Another challenge the client faces is to provide an innovative tool, easily integrated with other systems, always reachable and usable by all platforms and devices, managing to contain the time to market.

In this continuous evolutionary process of the software, we have supported the customer in the modernization and re-engineering of the entire application stack towards a cloud infrastructure.


The software reengineering towards a cloud single page application has seen us involved in the architectural design, in the implementation of all the software modules that make up the architecture, in their containerization through Docker and in the design of the continuous delivery pipeline towards a microservices system on Amazon AWS.

The migration of the software from a stand-alone application to web platform has allowed us to carry out innovations and interaction models typical of the web as well as various collaboration tools. We have also focused on the optimization of data visualization systems.


  • Optimized integration with other software

  • Better reachability from different platforms and devices

  • Increased ease of update

  • Implementation of collaboration mechanisms

  • Greater efficiency and scalability

  • Time-to-market reduction

  • Support for the choice of technological solutions


  • Language: Typescript

  • Client: Angular

  • Server: Node.js

  • Containerization: Docker

  • Pipeline: BitBucket Pipelines

  • DB: PostgreSQL

  • Cloud: Amazon Web Services (ECS, S3, RDS)

Project details

Team: Project Manager, Business Analyst, Full Stack Developer x2
Methodology: Scrum
Duration: 18 months

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