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The construction industry is experiencing a significant technological transformation, driven by the numerous opportunities presented by digital solutions to enhance the efficiency of businesses and professionals. Emerging methodologies such as BIM and the utilization of Cloud infrastructures enable us to address the inherent complexity of the construction sector, which increasingly demands seamless integration and real-time information exchange.

The client specializes in software development tailored for the construction, architecture, and engineering sectors. As a nationally recognized leader in the construction industry, they focus on delivering solutions designed to enhance productivity, streamline complexity, and optimize project costs.


One of the primary challenges our client encounters is facilitating collaborative processes among various stakeholders in the construction industry. The work environment must be both stable and scalable, accommodating the collaborative principles essential for agile management of complex systems.

Another challenge is the provision of an innovative tool that seamlessly integrates with other systems, remains accessible at all times, and is compatible with various platforms and devices, all while keeping time-to-market constraints in check.

Throughout this ongoing software evolution journey, we have supported our client in modernizing and re-engineering their entire application portfolio, transitioning towards a cloud infrastructure.


Our involvement in the software reengineering process, transitioning to a cloud-based single-page application, encompassed architectural design, the implementation of all software modules within the architecture, containerization using Docker, and the design of a continuous delivery pipeline for a microservices system hosted on Amazon AWS.

The migration of the software from a stand-alone application to a web platform enabled the incorporation of web-specific innovations and interaction models, along with various collaboration mechanisms. Particular attention was given to optimizing data visualization systems.


  • Optimized integration with other software

  • Enhanced accessibility across various platforms and devices

  • Simplified update process

  • Implementation of collaboration mechanisms

  • Improved efficiency and scalability

  • Reduced time-to-market

  • Support for selecting technological solutions


  • Language: Typescript

  • Client: Angular

  • Server: Node.js

  • Containerization: Docker

  • Pipeline: BitBucket Pipelines

  • DB: PostgreSQL

  • Cloud: Amazon Web Services (ECS, S3, RDS)

Project details

Team: Project Manager, Business Analyst, Full Stack Developer x2
Methodology: Scrum
Duration: 18 months

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