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The online betting industry is going through a period of profound political, legislative and technological innovation. Innovations in the digital field, primarily the increase in the pervasiveness of mobile devices, have contributed to a significant growth in the sector.


Multi-platform, multi-channel and multi-user software solutions have enabled greater player involvement, an increase in game volumes and, at the same time, greater security and responsibility.

The customer is Betpoint, an important ADM authorized dealer present throughout Italy with a network of points of sale. With the years of experience gained in the sector, the technological platform it owns is today a reference point for online betting.


The competitive advantage passes through the ability to continuously vary and transform the gameplay to adapt it to the needs of the players and retain them. User habits and preferences evolve in step with technological innovation.

The market requires an increasingly engaging game with a multi-channel and cross-channel experience between online and points of sale. It also expects to have continuously updated odds, multiple betting systems and easily usable real-time data and statistics.

The customer needed the as-is rewrite of the two native white label mobile applications in use. The acquisition of the ownership then made it possible to customize and evolve the gaming platforms.


Two native mobile applications, iOS and Android, have been developed, maintaining Look & Feel and introducing multiple innovations to improve the gaming experience:

  • games portfolio expansion

  • implementation of real time update odds and results of live events

  • authentication via touch ID

  • integration of points of sale and apps for ticket booking, payments and traceability

  • push notification and in-app notification optimization

  • optimization of prematch and live betting management

  • optimization of computational problems on multiple bets

Several optimization techniques have been adopted to deal with peak loads.

Particular focus has also been placed on privacy by adopting techniques that would allow the data to be displayed safety.


  • User gaming experience optimization

  • Cross channel integration between mobile app and points of sale

  • Greater control over the life cycle of a bet, from the Betting Offer phase to the Resulting and Settlement phase

  • Data security improvement

  • Load performance optimization


Back End:

  • Framework: .NET Core

  • Language: C#

OpenAPI Generator for API management

Information reactivity: use of reactive patterns


  • Android: Kotlin

  • iOS: Swift

Push notification: OneSignal

Log management: Sentry

Project details

Team: Project Manager, Business Analyst, Front-end Developer x3, Back-end Developer 
Methodology: Scrum

Duration: 10 months

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